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​162, Iyana Ipaja Road, Agbotikuyo Bus Stop, Orile Agege. Lagos.

Black Peace Global
Investment Limited

in partnership with Quest

We are a multi-sector company dedicated to empowering lives through microfinance, driving growth in the oil and gas industry, and building dreams in the real estate sector. Explore our services and discover how we can make a positive impact together. 

Quality-driven. Transparent. Reliability. Secure. Ethical. Trustworthy.

Utilize microfinance, oil & gas, and real estate for community growth and a better future.

Let’s work towards a brighter future for everyone. Contact us for more information.


Tailored, cost-effective oil and gas services with safety and environmental focus. Choose us for reliable energy solutions.


We offer affordable financial solutions, including small loans, savings accounts, and low-interest rates for various needs like small businesses, housing, education. Flexible repayment terms available.

Real Estate

Get expert real estate services for your property needs. We specialize in finding dream homes, commercial properties, or investment opportunities. Our custom service ensures a stress-free buying or selling process, helping you achieve your property goals.

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Empowering Lives, Fueling Growth, Building Dreams.

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Why Choose Us


Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in microfinance, oil and gas, and real estate.

Integrity and Transparency

We operate with utmost integrity and maintain transparent communication throughout our business dealings.

Customer Focus

 Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to understand your unique requirements and provide personalized solutions.

Trusted Reputation

Our track record of delivering reliable and successful outcomes has earned us a strong reputation among our clients.

“Are you looking for your dream home? Let us help you turn your vision into reality.”

“Book an appointment at your convenience. We strive for excellent service.

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